APPLE VARIETIES: If you want a specific apple on this list please call and we will let you know if the apple is ready to be picked, sold out or no crop.

SANSA -- Gala cross apple with Gala's inherent sweetness. Bright red over yellow green background. along with Zestar our earlist apple.

LIBERTY-- from the McIntosh Family, McIntosh like flavor. This apple is very flavorful with an intense sprightly flavor and has a nearly white, crispy, crunchy flesh. If you like McIntosh you’ll love Liberty.

NEW YORK 75414-1-- from the McIntosh Family (this is an unnamed apple developed at Cornell University)

It is an extremely attractive apple with its deep burgundy color and skin characteristics making it extremely attractive. An excellent combination of sweet and tart flavors. In our opinion it is better flavored when compared to Macoun. This apple has placed extremely high in independent apple tasting tests and makes a great apple pie. Our favorite apple.

LIBDEL-- A  very large apple that is a cross between a Liberty and a Delicious .  Great eating and cooking apple.

HONEYCRISP--The Honeycrisp is growing in leaps and bounds in popularity.  It has a great combination of sweetness, firmness and tartness.  Although it is not considered disease resistant it has shown to have some resistance to some diseases making it a good fit in our organic program. 

BONKERS -- Large extremely crisp and juicy, enough acid background to give it some character.

CRIMSON CRISP -- Deep Crimspn red skin, sweet, crisp, subacid flavor with a hint of spice, very hard and good keeper. 

RIBSTON PIPPIN -- A complex and strong-tasting 'aromatic' apple.  Our best juicing apple and equal to Roxbury Russet as a hard cider apple. 

PRAIRE SPY -- Red over yellow apple excellent well balanced sweet flavor. probably a seedling from the famous Northern Spy

FLORINA QUERINA-- We love the name as well as its crunchy texture and aromatic sweet and juicy attributes of this apple.   

PIXIE CRUNCH --Small, sweet flavored, crisp and juicy apple. Great lunchbox apple.

FREEDOM -- Large red all purpose apple juicy tender flesh.

ROXBURY RUSSET --Although it has some tartness it is like all russets a fundamentally sweet apple.  It is also a fairly good keeper.

MUTSU -- aka CRISPIN -- A large yellow/green apple with a sweet slightly spiced flavor.  This is a great dessert and pie apple. Many folks use this apple to make chocolate covered apples.  

GOLDRUSH -- a Golden Variety. An end of the season apple. Medium coarse grained, very firm, crisp, especially breaking and juicy. The apple changes flavor during storage. At picking it has a brisk flavor and develops a rich complex flavor a few weeks after picking. Goldrush resists oxidation when cut making it great for baking and sauce. Although we have eaten them long before reaching this point, they retain their quality even after months in refrigeration.

ENTERPRISE -- Another late season variety with a nice sweet, spicy and tart blend. This blend is typical of the best New England apples.  Also an excellent keeper.