58 Snake Hill Rd.,North Scituate, RI

Open Daily 9-5 beginning Saturday August 26th through October.


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Certified Organic Apples, Pears, Garlic and Vegetables

We will be opening the orchard on Saturday August 26th and will be open seven days a week 9-5 until the end of the season. We will be using our website's home page to let folks know what is available and change/update the website as often as necessary to provide accurate information. We will be starting the season with Nectarines, a white Peach,organic Apples, organic gourmet Garlic, and more.

---The Nectarines and Peaches look good this year with a good supply. Most Peaches are still a week or two away from being ready.

--- The certified organic apple crop is good this season and we expect to have a fairly long season, weather permitting. On opening day we will have Sansa (a Gala cross), Zestar!, and Redfree for pick your own.

---The certified organic Asian Pears also look good this season along with a mid season European pear. We will keep you posted as they ripen.--- The Plums also look good this season and will keep folks posted when they are available. Maybe some green gage plums will be ready on Saturday.

ANOTHER VIEW FROM THE TRACTOR: Swallows are constant companions in the orchard. We have two or more types that visit and nest every season. Our bird boxes attract the tree swallow and they stay around most of the season. Maybe they stick around because they are in constant battle with the English sparrows for the boxes with English sparrows killing adult and young swallows to obtain access to the boxes. Eventually the swallows get to raise a family after what appears to be several tries. The other swallow is either the bank swallow or the rough winged swallow. They come in later in the season and nest in the drain pipes of our stone wall. They are usually successful in raising a family the first time and although they come in later in the season they leave the nesting area much sooner. All this is based on observation and I could be totally wrong. We built and places bird boxes on the property to help control the moth and insect population. Although I'm not sure it makes much of a difference,it is still worth it just to watch Swallows dive in front of the tractor when we mow tall grass sometimes up to twelve swallows catching bugs within a few feet of the tractor. Very cool.

Thank you,

Jean and Al Fuoroli