58 Snake Hill Rd.

North Scituate, RI

Open Saturdays,Sundays and Mondays,9-5, beginning Saturday August 27th through Columbus Day


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Web Site: www.ElwoodOrchard.com


Certified Organic Apples, Pears, Garlic and Vegetables

We will be opening the orchard on Saturday August 27th.---We will be using our website's home page to let folks know what is available and change/update the website as often as necessary to provide accurate information. We will be starting the season with Garlic, Tomatoes, Honey and more.

---As we have noted on our website we will not have any Nectarines and Peaches this year.

---We will have a small plum crop this year with some very nice size plums. Usually they are ready the first or second week in September.

--- The Apple crop is extremely light this season and we will not be able to offer any scheduled pick your own apples this season.

---The Asian pear crop is one of the bright spots of the season with nice quality and quantity so far. We expect them to begin ripening around the second week of September.

--- We also have a nice crop of Garlic this season with some of the largest garlic we have ever grown.

OK, it is very obvious we like watching and having rabbits on the property. I think this is the third or fourth time we have included them in our newsletter. This year seems to be a banner year for rabbits at the orchard and they have finally begun to nest in areas that seem, to us anyway, a safer location. In the spring of 2011 my neighbor and I removed some trees next the small pond adjacent to the pear planting. We left the brush in the wood line just on the outside the fence. In the five years since the brush appears to have settled enough for the rabbits to feel safe nesting there.

Most evenings the results have been impressive with five to eight rabbits munching on the white clover at the end of the driveway. If we walk through the orchard at that time of day many more rabbits are in the aisles.

The rabbits size differences indicates multiple litters hanging around together. According to Wikipedia, on average, a female rabbit will have three to four litters of five babies each in a season.

Our thinking, right or wrong, is that the size and density of the brush piles afford the rabbits very good protection and multiple escape routes when predators come looking for a rabbit dinner.

Thank you,

Jean and Al Fuoroli