58 Snake Hill Rd.

North Scituate, RI

Open Daily 9-5 beginning Saturday August 25th through October.


Email: info@ElwoodOrchard.com

Web Site: www.ElwoodOrchard.com

Blog: elwoodorchard.blogspot.com

Certified Organic Apples, Pears, Garlic and Vegetables

We will be opening the orchard on Saturday August 25th and will be open seven days a week 9-5 until the end of the season. We will be using our website's home page to let folks know what is available and change/update the website as often as necessary to provide accurate information. We will be starting the season with nectarines, peaches, organic pears organic apples, organic gourmet Garlic, and more.

---The certified organic garlic has some nice size this season with some hard neck varieties we have never tried before. A list of the varieties are on our website.

---The Nectarines and Peaches look good this year with a good supply. For the first week or two only a couple of varieties will be ready with more ripening as the season progresses.

--- The certified organic apple crop looks good this season although we are worried about the wet humid weather we have been having. On opening day we will have Sansa, which was a hit with customers last season The bad news is that the Honeycrisp crop is very light this season.

---The certified organic Asian Pears also look good this season. We will also have a European pear available on the counter for opening weekend. Most Asian pears and the other European pear will be ripening in coming weeks.

--- The Plums also look good this season and will keep folks posted when they are available.

ROBIN'S NEST: For those who remember we raised Soay sheep for a number of years. Many of our ewes were bred by a ram named Hirta. Hirta lived a long life, for a ram, moving from a farm in Maine to our farm and died of old age on our farm. His horns are hanging from the barn and are a favorite nesting place for robins. Every year it is a game to try to take the nest down after the baby robins leave but before another robin, or maybe the same robin lays more eggs. We have been up and down the ladder several times this season trying to time it correctly. So far we have failed. This is the third or fourth clutch of eggs that have hatched. The baby robins in the nest right now are almost ready to leave and we are hoping to have the nest down and the area cleaned up before we open on the 25th. If you stop by just look up to see if we were successful.

Thank you,

Jean and Al Fuoroli