58 Snake Hill Rd., North Scituate, RI

Open Daily 9-5 beginning Saturday August 25th through October.


Email: info@ElwoodOrchard.com

Web Site: www.elwoodorchard.com  

Certified Organic Apples, Pears, Garlic and Vegetables

We will be opening the orchard this Saturday August 24th and will be open seven days a week 9-5 until the end of the season. We will be using our website's home page to let folks know what is available and change/update the website as often as necessary to provide accurate information. We will be starting the season with peaches,maybe nectarines, organic pears organic apples, organic gourmet Garlic, some cool organic winter squash and more.

---The certified organic garlic has some nice size this season with a new variety, Zemo and Killarney Red is back. A complete list of the varieties are on our website.

---The Nectarines and Peaches look good this year, a little light but larger size. For the first week or two only a couple of varieties will be ready with more ripening as the season progresses.

--- The certified organic apple crop looks very good this season. It also looks like a decent Honeycrisp and Pixie Crunch year. On opening day we will have Sansa pre-picked and PYO, which was a hit with customers the last couple of season. We will also have Williams Pride apples on the counter

---The certified organic Asian Pears also look good this season. We will have a European pears available on the counter for opening weekend. Most Asian pears and the other European pear will be ripening in coming weeks.

--- Few to no plums this season.

BOBCAT: This is an actual image captured by my neighbor Jack this spring just prior to it crossing Snake Hill Road. We started seeing Bobcats at our Foster apiary in 2016 and the first one we saw on Snake Hill walked down our driveway while we were talking with a customer during late apple season 2017. Wildlife population growth and decline is interesting to have observed during our lifetimes. Growing up in the 60s and 70s Deer were a rarity now they are almost pests. Turkey were non existent and after reintroduction have flourished. We have seen a resurgence of raptors and coyotes and even rabbits disappeared for a while and are back. Bobcats were not even part of our vocabulary until a few years ago. It is cool that we now get to talk about them and occasionally see them. Maybe nest year we'll talk about bears. BTW we did see a Moose cross our front yard a couple of decades ago, honest.

Thank you, Jean and Al Fuoroli