Please note,unlike our apples and pears, our stone fruit is not organic We strive to use as little chemical pesticides as possible and have replaced chemical pesticides with organic pesticides were practical. They are, non the less, not organic.   

Nectarines: We grow several varieties of nectarines, including three yellow freestone varieties, Red Gold, Fantasia and Ovation. We also planted Zephyr a white freestone peach but have a very limited crop for 2017.  

Peaches: We grow several varieties of peaches, including Glowing Star, Autumn Star, Big George, Summer Fest and the famous Elberta variety.  They are all late season Yellow freestone peaches. We also planted Septemmber snow a white peach but have a very limited crop for 2017.

Elberta is a beautiful peach with a sweet, buttery flavor and consistency. It nestles in you palm, its lovely soft peach fuzz as comforting as a beloved dog's velvet ears. That description is authored by David Mas Masumoto in his book "Wisdom of the Last Farmer".  We are a fan of his writings and strongly recommend his books "Epitaph for a Peach" and "Four Seasons in Five Senses".