EARLY SPRING GARLIC FIELD                            

Certified Organic Garlic-2020 season
Sold out for 2020
MUSIC -- Our favorite, potent heat balanced with spiciness, very aromatic.  

ZEMO -- Spicy flavor, medium heat, can be eaten raw. 

GERMAN STIFF NECK --   A customer gave us some of his garlic several years ago.  He has been growing it in RI for many years. Rich strong robust garlic flavor. 

GERMAN EXTRA HARDY -- Great garlic for those who want to grow their own in southern New England.  Classic garlic flavor, good in many recipes and cuisines.

GEORGIAN FIRE -- Strong garlic with a bite, but still can be eaten raw. A great roasting garlic.   SOLD OUT

KILLARNEY RED-- Compared to German Red and Spanish Roja. Strong nutty flavor and easy to peel.  

RUSSIAN RED -- Intense garlic flavor with a sweet aftertaste.  Another of our favorites.  

ELEPHANT -- Not a true garlic but many customers prefer its milder garlic flavor

SHALLOTS -- French red variety.  SOLD OUT